Apex Flight Ops: Crew User Guide

Welcome to the Apex Flight Ops: Crew User Guide - this document will assist you with setting up the software, connecting to your Falcon(s), and guide you through all the functionality available.

Step 1: Installing the Software

For Windows tablets and laptops, you can download the latest version of the Aircrew software from our website at www.apexflightops.com/downloads.aspx 

Once you have downloaded the setup program, run it to complete the setup of the software.

Step 2: Pairing your device with the Falcon

Once your software is installed, when you start it, you will see the following screen waiting for the Falcon to be paired with your laptop or tablet.

In order to proceed, navigate in your device's software to the Bluetooth settings, and ensure that the Bluetooth is enabled. Next use the "Search For Devices" functionality to discover all Bluetooth-active devices in your vicinity.

Your Falcon will appear* in the list of devices as "FALCON_nnnn" where "nnnn" is the serial number of the Falcon unit. Select this device and initiate pairing with the Falcon - your software will require a PIN Code to be entered to complete. When prompted for the PIN Code, enter "0000" and complete the pairing. This step only needs to be completed once per Falcon/device combination - after it is completed, you can go directly to Step 3 for future connections.

* the Falcon will need to be powered on and operational in order to complete pairing 

Step 3: Connect to the Falcon

Once the Falcon has been paired as a Bluetooth device, you can select your Falcon from the dropdown list, or just select "<Search For Falcon Systems>", and click on the "Connect To Falcon" button. The device should connect to the Falcon unit and enable the full functionality of the software.


Basic Navigation

The IndigoTrack: Aircrew software provides commonly used tools in a control bar at the top of the screen, and a tabbed series of pages containing all the funtionality arranged on the left of the screen.

GPS Information Page

Once connected, you will start on the GPS page as follows:

Communication History Page

Flight Folio Information Page

Weight & Balance Page

Configuration Page

Markers Page


Updates Page

System Information Page

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