Upgrading the Falcon Firmware from IndigoTrack

As we introduce new functionality and improve the performance of the Falcon Tracking Systems, Apex Flight Operations releases new versions of the firmware loaded in the system. We recommend that you use the following steps to keep your Falcon on the latest version for optimal performance and reliability.


Step 1: Logon to IndigoTrack

Sign on to IndigoTrack version 2.6.06 or later using your normal credentials.


Step 2: Open the Configuration Tool

Select the aircraft/Falcon system that you want to upgrade, and either right-click and choose Configure from the popup menu, or click on Configure in the Aircraft main menu.


Step 3: Choose the Prepare USB page

Click on the Prepare USB tab, and the system will compare the firmware version configured for your unit with the latest release from Apex Flight Operations. If the versions are the same, you do not need to run the upgrade, but if you would like to in any case, or the versions are different, proceed to Step 4.


Step 4: Insert a USB Memory Stick

Insert any USB memory stick into your PC or laptop, and click on the Refresh button on the USB dropdown. Please note, however, that the USB must be formatted to FAT32, or it will not be detected by the Falcon unit. Once the USB stick is detected and checked, it will be listed in the dropdown as shown below.

Step 5: Prepare the USB

Tick the Download New Firmware box, and click on the Prepare USB button. The software will then download the latest firmware from our servers and configure the USB for the Falcon. If there is insufficient space on the USB, or errors are detected in the process, you will be advised to use an alternate USB.

Once the USB is prepared, you can eject the USB stick as normal and take it to the Falcon unit.

Step 6: Insert the USB into the Falcon

Ensure that the Falcon is completely powered down. If the Falcon unit has the mini-USB port, use the USB adaptor cable (shown below) provided with the Falcon system, and insert the USB into the mini-USB port on the back of the Falcon.


If your Falcon has a normal USB port, insert the USB stick directly into the Falcon.

Step 7: Power up the Falcon

During the power up process, the Falcon will detect the USB and run the update. It will typically restart at least once during this process, and will flash the Antenna light Green during the upgrade. After the upgrade is complete, the Falcon will return to normal operation.


Step 8: Confirm the version (optional)

Pair the Falcon to the Bluetooth-enabled Apex Flight Operations: Crew software, and check the running version on the System Information page.


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