Upgrading IndigoTrack

IndigoTrack features an automatic upgrade system which will ensure that you are always up to date with the latest version of our software. Periodically we release updates to our software in one of two forms:

  • Mandatory upgrades
  • Optional upgrades

Mandatory upgrades are released whenever major new functionality or changes are made to the system, and which require all users to migrate to the new version. These are automatically detected by the software at startup, and the system will prompt you whether you want to upgrade immediately - in most situations, this is the best way of upgrading. See Manual Updating below if you have multiple client machines at your operations center as this may be more efficient.


Optional upgrades contain minor changes to the software, and as the name suggests, users are not forced to implement them. We do, however, recommend that all users keep their systems up to date with the latest functionality.


Automatic Updates

When a new version is detected by the IndigoTrack software, you will be prompted to do an automatic update to the new version. If you accept the option, the software will download the new version, before running the upgrade. If you have multiple installations at your operations center, you may consider doing manual updates to prevent multiple downloads of the same upgrade.


After accepting the download, IndigoTrack will close and the download the new version with a progress indicator similar to the following:

Manual Updates

The latest versions of IndigoTrack are available from our Downloads page at www.apexflightops.com - to do a manual update, you only need to download the version onto your Network or USB, and run the upgrade on each machine that has an IndigoTrack installation.


Running the Upgrade

The upgrade itself is a relatively simple process; if you have done an automatic update, it will start immediately, otherwise simply double-click on the upgrade file to reach the first screen as follows:

Accept the upgrade, and it will run as follows:

At the end of the process, IndigoTrack will automatically be restarted, and you will also be directed to this page in case there were any issues with the upgrade.

Troubleshooting an Upgrade

There are a couple of known scenarios that can present an issue for a simple upgrade process. Please check if any of these resolve your issue - if not please lodge a support request above for assistance.


IndigoTrack keeps asking for upgrade

If you have run the upgrade successfully, but IndigoTrack keeps attempting to download the upgrade, it is likely that you have a non-standard installation path. Please check below for more details on how to resolve this issue.


IndigoTrack still running

If the upgrade is unable to extract all the files, it is likely that you still have IndigoTrack running - this will prevent the files being overwritten. You should ensure that IndigoTrack is completely closed, and rerun the upgrade.


Non-Standard Installation path

The upgrade assumes that you have used the standard location for the IndigoTrack installed (C:\Program Files\Indigotrack or C:\Program Files (x86)\Indigotrack). If you have installed IndigoTrack in a different location, please ensure that you copy the new files from this directory to your installation location, overwriting the old files.


Updating a Server

For clients with an IndigoTrack installation in Shared Server or Dedicated Server mode, you should ensure that the IndigoTrack Datasync Service is stopped in the Windows Services tool prior to running the upgrade. After the upgrade has completed, the service should be restarted (IndigoTrack will also attempt to restart it if it is found to be stopped).

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