Installing IndigoTrack

You will need to locate a copy of the IndigoTrack installation software - this is typically provided on a USB with each tracking system purchased. If you have the IndigoTrack USB, plug it into your computer, and locate the installation file on the USB - the file is named "IndigoTrack Setup.exe". 

If you don't have a USB with the software, you can obtain it by downloading it from this website here. Save the file to your desktop, or run it directly from the download. 

Once you have located and run the Setup file, the installation setup screen will appear as below: 


Click on [Next] to start the installation process.


Change the default path (if required), and then click [Next] again. 


Click [Install] to start the installation process. 


Once the installation process has been completed and validated as illustrated above, the following screen will be displayed:


After clicking the [Finish] button, the window will close, and a new icon will have been installed on your Desktop, as well as your Start Menu. 


NOTE: Versions of IndigoTrack prior to version 2.4.05 require the application to be run as an Administrator. Configure this by right-clicking the IndigoTrack icon, selecting "Properties", going to the Compatibility tab, and selecting the "Run As Administrator" option. 

NETWORK ADMIN NOTE: If you are installing this on a computer with elevated security restrictions, please ensure that the "Users" group has Full Control access to the directory and subdirectories below the chosen installation path (typically "C:\Program Files\IndigoTrack" for 32-bit installations, and "C:\Program Files(x86)\IndigoTrack" for 64-bit installations). Check here for more information on how to change folder permissions. 

You're now ready to run and configure IndigoTrack - double-click the icon on your desktop to start the application. 

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